Buddies Into Enthusiasts – Steps to make it Possible

From friends into lovers – that can be challenging enough. It probably might be easier to date someone you have not known for years than someone you practically spend free time together, hang out with or someone you tell embarrassing stories with.

One magic word if you are looking at the possibility of friends into lovers is patience. You should take it slow. Most often than not, when you blurt out your feelings right then and there without even giving clues, it might push her away and you will never have the chance to show her what you feel. Indeed, it is good to be honest with her about your feelings but you also have to find the right time to say it.

Turning friends into lovers can also risk losing the friendship, thus before thinking about pouring out your feelings, have enough time to think if your feelings are deeply rooted. If it is a mere physical attraction or you are not so sure about it, think about it many times as it may lead to a short-lived romantic commitment and you may not want to exchange a good friendship over a short-lived romance.

Another challenge in turning friends into lovers is finding out if the attraction is mutual. You can do this by treating her like someone you date with. Bring her to date-like activities and to a different place other than the normal friends’ hangout. Make her feel special. Make her feel protected and safe around you. You can also try flirting with her and use body language that you do not normally do around her – casually wrap your arms around her or tickle her and check out her responses. You can then try to figure out if there is indeed possible attraction between you.

Find the right timing to tell her your feelings. In time, the more you treat her like your date, and the more she will have a good time in your ‘dates,’ the more she will see how you are as a lover, and that might trigger her to think about being interested in you as a lover. That way, you might find just the right hint for both of you to bring the relationship to the next level.

Expect that if the intimate relationship with your friend will not be successful, your friendship will never be the same as before. If you are willing to exchange this for the chance to tell her how you feel and a chance to at least try to work out the relationship, then that would not be bad after all. At least you will not regret that you haven’t tried at all.

What is good about turning friends into lovers is that, you can actually be open to each other right from the start of your ‘dating.’ You can even talk about the possibilities of the relationship – whether you want to remain friends if it will not work out.

Making friends into lovers is probably harder than the usual dating but if it will work out, you may also be getting a good chance of building a great lifetime relationship.

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